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If someone ever buys me a bottle of Château Grillet and bakes me a room full of banana bread, I will consider that a marriage proposal and would say "Yes", since that person obviously knows me and loves me.

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Many wild cherries, raspberries, and redcurrants on the nose, with a slightly leafy (in a good way) backnote. Palate is well-balanced, and only brings more of the red berries forward. A lovely, reliable traditional-method sparkler from here in Niagara.


While slightly tamer than other Moscati d'Asti I've tried, it does retain not only the important orange-blossom and grapey aromas, but the acidity and sweetness that makes Moscato d'Asti such a pleasing wine. It's a friendly wine, not only in the sense it's pleasant to drink, but also in that anyone you share it with who likes it is almost certainly worth befriending.