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An appellation in the Jura region of eastern France that is dedicated solely to producing Vin Jaune, a wine made by allowing a special yeast, or flor to develop over the top of the wine while it remains in cask. The wine oxidizes very slowly over time and takes on a note that is similar to fino sherry. Vin Jaune is known as the "yellow wine" for the golden color that it develops after the many yers in cask. These wines can develop intense and complex flavors over long periods of time, the best examples of which are said to have a lifespan that can exceed 75 years.

Château-Chalon is the best appellation for the production of Vin Jaune. The local soil type is a unique marl with a blue tint, perfectly suited to producing the tough and edgy Savagnin grape. It is from this varietal alone that Château-Chalon can be made, and only after a late harvest. The wine then spends a minimum of six years and three months under flor before it is bottled.

Rich, unctuous and unique, Château-Chalon is a rare and expensive treat for those who can find it. The wine is sold in the 62cl Clavelin bottle, which is said to be the amount of Vin Jaune produced from one liter of still wine.


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Château Mouton-Rothschild Château-Chalon 1990 Château-Chalon Red