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Côtes du Lubéron

Straddling the border between the Rhône Valley and Porvence lies the Durance Valley and the Côtes du Lubéron appellation. At the higher elevations on the sides of the valley, the weather can be a little more moderate than the intense heat found elsewhere in the area. This leads to wines that are light and fresh, with a nice mixture of fruit and spice. Almost 90% of the wine produced is red or rosé, made primarily from Grenache and Syrah.

Though some white wine is produced from a mix of Roussanne, Marsanne and Clairette, the wines are less than exciting. What has become the exciting white grape in this area is Chardonnay. Though not allowed to be sold as AC Côtes du Lubéron, Chardonnay planted in the chalky limestone soils of Lubéron is gaining in popularity when sold as Vin de Pays. Though unlike the Chardonnay produced farther to the north in Burgundy, these wines can represent great value.


France → Provence → Côtes du Luberon

Appellation Type

French AOC

Wineries (2)

Château Saint Estève de Néri
Domaine de la Bastide de Michel Olivier

Wines (2)

Château Saint Estève de Néri Cotes du Luberon Grande Expression 2005 Côtes du Lubéron Red
Domaine de la Bastide de Michel Olivier Côtes du Lubéron 2006 Côtes du Lubéron Red