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Crémant du Jura

The Aoc used for sparkling wines produced in the region of Jura nestled on the border of France and Switzerland. Within the borders of Jura lay the smaller appellations of Arbois, Château-Chalon and L'Etoile. Despite 2,000 years of wine history, as well as the home of Louis Pasteur's famous experiments on why grape juiced turned to wine and then into vinegar, Jura is a shadow of its former self. Phylloxera hit this region hard, and the simple whites and light red wines made here were almost lost to antiquity. Recently Jura has been making a bit of a comeback.

The sparkling wines created here hail from the Methode Traditionelle, and are usually a blend of Chardonnay, Poulsard and Pinot Noir. They range from bone dry Bruts to off-dry Demi-sec, and can vary in color from white to rosé. Sparkling wine has been produced in this region for quite some time though official AOC status for Crémant did not come until 1995.


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Andre et Mireille Tissot

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Andre et Mireille Tissot Crémant du Jura NV Crémant du Jura Sparkling