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Roussette de Savoie

A smaller sub-appellation of the larger Savoie region nestled in the French Alps near Lake Geneva. Only white wine can be produced in this appellation, though confusingly not solely from the Roussette varietal. Chardonnay and Mondeuse Blanche are also permitted, and even the Roussette (or Altesse, as it is sometimes called here) may constitute no more than 50% of the wine.

Roussette de Savoie, if you can find it outside of this mountain-ringed region, can be quite lovely if consumed while it is still young and fresh. Citrusy, floral and often as refreshing as a summer day in the Alps, these wines are common fare on the slopes of the Alps.

Four villages have been awarded cru status and are allowed to add their name to the appellation. These wines are made from 100% Roussette and are made from grapes that are more ripe from lower yields. The four villages are: Frangy, Marestel, Monterminod and Monthoux.


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