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A small appellation located on the western bank of the northern portion of the Rhône River in the heart of the Rhône Valley. An anomoly for the Rhône, Saint-Péray produces white wine only, 80% of which is sparkling made by the Traditional method. The wines are lighter and less distinctive than the other wines in the area made from Marsanne and Roussanne, a result of the cooler micro-climate and a soil based more on clay, sand and stone then the granite found further north.

Though Saint-Péray has produced wine for centuries and was a favorite of Napoleon, the wines are seldom seen outside of the Rhône Valley today. Thin, crisp and missing the rich and almost oily nature of the Marsanne and Roussanne found nearby, Saint-Péray can still produce interesting wines that have some of the honey, flowers and almonds found in other Rhône wines. The sparkling versions are sold as Saint-Péray Mousseux.


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