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Virginia's Eastern Shore

With only 70 acres of vines planted, Virgnia's Eastern Shore is one of the lesser know AVAs of the United States. Tourists often pass by the vineyards in order to visit the ocean beaches, but Mom and Pop wineries are slowly beginning to sprout in order to benefit from the tourism industry. The area shows promise, with cooler summers and milder winters than the other state AVAs, and thin sandy soils that should provide a great place for vines to crawl deep into the earth. Currently, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Riesling are the primary varietals, and vignerons are just beginning to experiment with different varietals to determine which will be the best grapes for this new appellation.


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American AVA

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Bloxom Vineyards
Chatham Vineyards
Glebe Vineyards

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