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Keys to Finding Great Bang for Buck Wines

It's easy to find great deals on wines, if you know what to look for. Here are some tips on finding outstanding wines at affordable prices.

Susana Balbo

For the month of July, Winegeeks will explore the artist expressions of the Argentine Susana Balbo, which come in liquid form, are swirled about in glasses and enjoyed by noses and palates around the globe.

Terres Dorées

Jean-Paul Brun of Terres Dorées has wowed us time and time again with Beaujolais that is both serious and playful, and will make you wonder why wine snobs continue to belittle the appellation. It's no wonder that Terres Dorées is the first Beaujolais winery to be featured as our Winegeeks Winery of the Month.

Rosé Wineries of Southern France

Tuesday, August 14th marks the Winegeeks' 3rd Annual International Rosé Day, so what better way to celebrate than by declaring the entire south of France our Wineries of the Month for August 2007! Check out our favorite rosé producers from the south of France.

Which Wine Pairs the Worst with Food?

Great food pairings have been covered time and time again. Sancerre with goat cheese, Chianti with Ragú Bolognese, Standing Rib Roast with Pauillac. Yadda yadda yadda. What is rarely talked about is which wines to avoid when seeking a great wine to compliment your food. The fact is, most wines will work fine, but here are some wines to watch out for.

Who is your Wine Idol?

Various people have changed the wine industry in great or small ways, so much so that they have left a personal impression on our lives. We recently asked the wine geeks to weigh in on their wine idols. Thier answers may surprise you, and feel free to add your own Wine Idol to the comments area below the article.

Cristom Vineyards

In the Eola-Amity Hills AVA in Oregon's Willamette Valley, Cristom Vineyards stands out from the rest of the crowd of Pinot producers. Six of their vineyards are named after family matriarchs, and each of their Pinots is a dynamic expression of the personality of each of its vineyards. Try their wines, and you too will become a Cristomaniac.

If you could be any Grape, which would you be?

We Winegeeks talk about favorite wines, favorite wineries, favorite regions and grapes all the time. But let's look at wine from another perspective... If you could be any grape varietal, which would it be? Would you be Riesling so you could be graceful both in youth and old age, or would you rather be Cabernet Sauvignon so you had a little bite to your personality?

Welcome to the New Winegeeks!

Ryan's been busy giving Winegeeks a facelift, including a new look and feel, a new wine review system, article comments and a world-encompassing currency system. Here's his recap on the old Winegeeks, and an explanation of what you'll find in the new Winegeeks.

1855 Bordeaux Classification System

A detailed summary of the 1855 Bordeaux Classification and subsequent classification systems that have derived from this system.

Bordeaux and Médoc Crus Producers

Crus Classes Producers for the Médoc region of Bordeaux.

Graves Crus Classés Wineries

The best Crus Classés wineries of the Graves region of France, as deemed by the classification system of 1959.

Sauternes and Barsac Crus Wineries

The best wineries of Sauternes and Barsac, as determined by the 1855 Classification System of Bordeaux.

St.-Emilion Crus Classés Wineries

The list of St.-Emilion Crus Classes wineries.

Best Bang for Buck Wine Region

For a wine geek, one of the greatest feelings in the world is finding a lovely bottle of wine at a phenomenal value. And with experience, we find that certain wine regions tend to offer wines at greater values than most other regions. The Winegeeks writers recently compared notes and found that while they didn't agree that one specific region provided the best bang for buck wines, they did find one striking similarity between their selections.

Wine Predictions for 2007

Another year bites the dust and 2007 is well on its way. The Winegeeks writers recently discussed the greatest wine trends of the previous year. Now, they’re looking into the crystal balls to make their predictions on which events and trends will have the greatest effect on the wine industry in the year 2007.

2006: Looking Back on a Year of Wine

While many things happened in the world of wine in 2006, it’s difficult to pin one certain event or trend that dominated or changed the industry. From global warming to extracted Pinots, read on to see what each of the Winegeeks writers have to say out about the previous year.

The Winegeeks Christmas Wishlist

Ryan Snyder recently posed the question, "What wine will you request from Santa this year?" to the rest of the Wine Geeks staff. Read on to see their official wishlist, which is currently en route to the North Pole.

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving is just a week away, and while Mom may have the turkey and the rest of the menu covered, what about the important part of the meal? You know, the wine! Ryan Snyder recently asked the Winegeeks writers what they think are the best wines to serve with Mr. Gobbles and the rest of the Thanksgiving meal. While they provide a smorgasboard of responses, like most holiday dinners, you'll notice a number of similarities in their wine pairing choices!

Comfort Wines for Comfort Foods

Now that the leaves are turning, the thermometer is dipping farther and farther each day, and nothing but football can be found on the tube over the weekend, we know autumn is officially here. I recently asked the Winegeeks writers what culinary items they use to cope with the cold weather, and although their responses varied they all agreed that autumn is a wonderful season for food and wine pairing.