Articles by Matthew Citriglia

A New Industry Buzz Word -- Clonal Selection

As wineries and grape growers have a renewed interest in talking about how their wines are expressed through the vineyard, a new set of buzz words has emerged – CLONAL SELECTION.

Domain Sigalas

What surprises could an island that has produced wine for four millennia hold for eight Master Sommeliers? Plenty if that island holds Domain Sigalas, a new star in the world of Greek wines. Read on as MS Matt Citriglia describes a truly eye (and palate!) opening experience.

Umami - Taste Receptor, Tactile Sensation and Flavor Intensifier

Does anything stay the same? I just found out that that Pluto is not a planet, that female Reindeer have antlers, and now we have 5 taste receptors including salty, sweet, bitter and sour, and now Umami! This awareness is just the beginning of a whole new sensual pleasure in our mouths.

The Flavor of Wine

Whether novice or experienced the most difficult thing to comprehend when tasting is, where do all the flavors and tactile sensations come from? Join Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia as he illustrates how the flavors of wine come to be.

High Alcohol is a Wine Fault... Not a Badge of Honor

When did high alcohol and dense color become the hallmarks of great wine? Why did the sappy cloying texture of a de-alcoholized wine become the hallmark of great mouth feel? Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia examines today’s pendulum swing of phenolic ripeness, and argues that the real celebrity is the vineyard manager, not the winemaker.

Introduction to Sake -- Part 2

Here comes Part 2 of Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia's Introduction to Sake, which covers the brewing process and the many different styles of premium Sake available. After reading this tome of information, you'll be armed with a Tokkuri full of Sake knowledge. And of course, once you have learned the Art of Sake, you must practice your Sake drinking skills, Grasshopper!

Introduction to Sake -- Part 3

The final piece of our Introduction to Sake. Here you'll learn that the first rule of proper Sake etiquette is to always make sure you keep your neighbor's O-choko full! And finally, you'll find all the Japanese terms you need to help you become a bonified Sakegeek! Kanpai!

Introduction to Sake -- Part 1

The newest wine craze is the drink that sent Kamikaze pilots off to their glory. Sake! While many wine geeks understand what becomes of fermented grapes, few understand the methods of fermenting rice into Sake. Join us as Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia shows how Nihonshu, the Sake of Japan, is produced.

Bordeaux vs. California Cabernet -- Why They Should Never Be Compared!

Ever since the infamous Judgement of Paris in 1976, Bordeaux's best have been compared to California's Cabernet Sauvignon. The effects have rippled across the industry and now wine critics judge Bordeaux wines as something they are not. Read on as Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia examines the details contributing to Bordeaux's identity crisis.

Redefining Greatness in Wine

Wine rating systems have helped many consumers feel more confident when purchasing wine, but they have also enabled people with very little fundamental wine knowledge to act like experts. Join Master Sommelier Matthew Citriglia as he discusses the inherent flaws of wine rating systems and redefines what makes a great wine.