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A varietal native to the northern Italian areas of Friuli, Gavi and Trentino. Of ancient and somewhat mysterious origins, the Refosco is known for producing wines of considerable weight and power. It was considered for a long time to be the French varietal Mondeuse Noir, but the jury is still out. In Friuli, where it is known as Refosco dal Paduncolo Roso, the Refosco makes tannic and hardy red wines with high levels of acidity and currants. Recent versions have taken well to new oak and cold fermentation. The best examples of Refosco come from the Colli Orientali region of Friuli. Also known as Terrano and Teran.

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Wines (2)

Masi Rosso delle Venezie Veneto Grandarella Appassimento 2006 Veneto Red
Di Leonardo Friuli Grave Vigne da Lis Maris 2006 Friuli Grave Red