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Tocai Friulano

An immensely popular grape that is found almost entirely in the northern Italian region of Friuli, specifically the areas of Colli Orientali, Grave del Friuli and Collio. While there is no relation to either Tokaji of Hungary or Tokay d'Alsace (which can also be found in this region) the Italians maintain that their version of Tocai Friulino, or simply Tocai as it is often called, is not only the first grape to carry the Tocai handle, but also the best.

Recently a decree by the European Union has stated that the Italians will have to drop the name Tocai from Friulino as it is in clear competition with Tokaji. The fact that Tocai produces light and fragrant white wines that are known for being citrusy, floral and slightly bitter on the finish, whereas Tokaji is a dessert wine that could never in a million years be confused with the other, seems to be a moot point. Under strict yield supervision and a new-world wine-making hand Tocai can be a tasty alternative to so much of the commercially produced Pinot Grigio that hails from that region.

Tocai Friulino is also grown in Chile under the synonym Sauvignon Vert.

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Wines (3)

Maculan Pino & Toi Veneto 2008 Veneto White
Cantarutti Tocai Friulino del Grave 2003 Friuli Grave White
Maculan Pino & Toi IGT 2003 Veneto White