“I” grape entries


A varietal confined mainly to Sicily although it is also found in Tuscany under the synonym Ansonica. Together with Grillo and Catarratto part of the blend that goes into both sweet and dry versions of Marsala. Increasingly found as a table wine that can be perfumed and well-built with lots of structure and viscosity. It can also be flabby if yields get too high. Notes of almonds, citrus fruits and fresh herbs are common. A well-made Inzolia can have a beautiful deep golden/green color.

Grape Color


Wines (4)

ELLISSI Bianco Sicily White
Case Ibidini Sicily Insolia Bianco 2008 Sicily White
Cosumano Sicily IGT Angimbè Insolia/Chardonnay 2004 Sicily White
Cosumano Inzolia Sicilia IGT 2003 Sicily White