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Muscat d'Alexandrie

An inferior cousin to the Muscat blanc, the Muscat d'Alexandrie grows in large amounts throughout the Mediterranean as well as South America and South Africa. The flavors and aromas of the Alexandrie take a back seat to the syrupy sweetness that usually dominates. In California it is used for raisins and is grown as a table grape elsewhere. Thouth to have originated in Egypt, the Alexandrie is used to today in a variety of sweet wines from Spain, Portugal, France and Greece. While it thrives in warm climates, it does not take well to the cold. Has many synonyms such as Muscat Romain and Muscat Gordo Blanco.

Some of the best wines made from the Muscat d'Alexandrie come from the Languedoc area of southern France where it is an integral part of the tasty fortified wines of Banyuls and Rivesaltes. Also part of the sweet Moscatels of Spain and Moscatel de Setùbal of Portugal. Known as Hanepoot in South Afgrica and part of the national liquer of Chile known as Prisco.

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Wines (3)

Mount Tauch Languedoc Muscat de Rivesaltes 2005 Languedoc Dessert
Cooperative of Samos Muscat of Samos Grand Cru Vin Doux Naturel 2005 Muscat of Samos Fortified
João Pires Terras do Sado Vinho Branco 2003 Terras do Sado White