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Palomino Fino

The best and the most famous of the different grapes used for producing Sherry, the delightful fortified wine of the southern reaches of Spain. Palomino Fino has many cousins with Palomino in their name, but the Fino thrives in the warm chalky soils of Jerez and has a paricular affinity for Flor, the fungus that develops on top of the Sherry while it is in open cask. This fungus is crucial in the production of the fine Oloroso Sherries that have been famous for centuries. Known as Listan in France where it can be made into dry white wines that are lacking in character. Also grown in South Africa where it is called Fransdurif.

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Wines (3)

Valdespino Hartley and Gibson's Diez y Ocho Cream Sherry NV Jerez de la Frontera Fortified
VinĂ­cola Hidalgo Oloroso NV Jerez de la Frontera Fortified
Emilio Lustau Jarana Solera Reserva Jerez Fino Sherry NV Jerez de la Frontera Fortified