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Not to be confused with the Muscat grape, Muscadelle is an increasingly unimportant grape that calls Bordeaux home. Part of the blend used for both dry white Bordeaux and the sweet wines of Sauternes et al., Muscadelle has now taken a back seat to Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc. In fact, most of the Muscadelle plantings today are in the outlying area of Entre-Deux-Mers instead of the more prestigious Graves or Sauternes. Also found in the Dordogne area of the Gaillac region further to the south where it is capable of producing light and aromatic wines with notes of flowers, peaches and honey.

Muscadelle is most famous today for the outstanding dessert wines known as stickies that come from southern Australia and the Rutherglen in Victoria. These wines are often referred to as Tokay as the Muscadelle in Australia was thought for years to be the Hárslevelu varietal that is a big part of the Hungarian dessert wine Tokaji.

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