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The Spanish name for the Grenache Noir. Thought to be the correct name for this grape varietal as its origins are Spanish but it is now best known by the synonym used in France and the United States. Grown widely throughout Spain, Garnacha is particularly important in Rioja where it is blended into the Tempranillo, and Priorat where it is the main variety in world class reds. So good is the old vine Garnacha that the other more well-known varietals used in the production of Priorat (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah) are kept in small amounts. Aromas and flavors of black pepper, roasted game and sweet black fruits are the norm.

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Wines (3)

Vina Aliaga Navarra Vina Aliaga 2003 Navarra Red
Ramirez de Ganuza Rioja Garnacha Reserva 2001 Rioja Alavesa Red
Closa Batllet Priorat 2000 Priorat Red