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What was once the most widely planted varietal in Germany has fallen out of favor as of late and will most certainly become a rarity over the next few decades. Silvaner hails originally from Austria but it was in Germany and the Alsatian region of France that Silvaner become famous. Found in these areas since the middle ages, Silvaner's claim to fame was a combination of high natural acidity, high productivity and a high resistance to rot, mildew and diseases. As of late Silvaner's lack of overt flavor or aroma has allowed it to be replaced by Riesling, Pinot Gris, Müller-Thurgau and others. If yields are kept low aromas and flavors of citrus, apples and almonds are common.

The best examples of Silvaner comes from the eastern German region of Franken where the wine can seem electrically charged from the absurd levels of acidity. Also found in the Pfalz and Rhein areas as well. Silvaner can also be found in Alsace, Italy (in the Alto Adige) and Switzerland (where it goes by the names Johannisberg and Grüner).

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Wein-Castel Weber Saulheimer Hölle Silvaner Eiswein 2000 Rheinhessen Dessert