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Auxerrois Blanc

Another of the various clones of Pinot Noir, Auxerrois Blanc is a light white grape with qualities that range from neutrality to honey to asparagus, all dependent upon production method and oak ageing. Not to be confused with Auxerrois Noir, a synonym for Malbec used in the Loire, or Auxerrois Gris, a synonym for Pinot Gris. Auxerrois Blanc is often blended with Pinot Gris and can be both dry and high in alcohol. Sometimes called Pinot Auxerrois.

Auxerrois Blanc originates in the region of Alsace, located on the border between France and Germany. These examples can be quite nice with limited to moderate ageing potential. Auxerrois Blanc has also found limited success in northern Italy, the U.S., Germany, Austria and Romania.

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Domaine Bott-Geyl Alsace 2011 Alsace White