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This wine has a light fresh citrusy nose.

This wine is a great apéritif because of its clean crisp taste.

This wine can pair with virtually any food due to is nature as a apéritif. But if you wish to drink it with a meal I advise asian style dishes such as Thai, Japanese or Chicken Dishes.

This is a very refreshing wine and is perfect for hot summer days.


joeru reviewed Tyrrell's Vat 9 Hunter Shiraz 2007 on July 10, 2010

This wine opens with a beautiful nose, bold but not brazen. Scents of plum and berry carry through and a hit of pepper and spice.

The tannins in this wine are somewhat strong for a hunter red and is quite complex but balances well off of the fruity undertone.

Quite a nice drop and goes well with most Steak, Italian or Rich Foods as this wine has a lot of character and would drown out most average dishes.

With age the tannins should soften and the wine will open up very nicely.