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Paso Robles, California, US


Former (15 year)owner of "Oenotechnique" consulting wine director/restaurant mgmt services in Denver,CO area. Level 2 Som. Currently TR/DTC manager with Paso area estate producer of various labels under Veris Cellars umbrella.

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Tasted as a pre-release sample(bottled fall 2010)after hearing it received a Silver rating in the Sangiovese catagory at SF Chronicle tasting. Public availability March 1 (approx).

Moderate deapth of color, clean and clear appearance. Explosive bright fruit aroma without developed nuance. Fruit carries over to initial flavor, then replaced a bit by some heat from the alcohol followed by long but soft tannin. Shows great promise as a value priced Italian style blend but needs some air or bottle time to be ready to drink.

Riatta is a proprietary blend, the last vintage made having used three grapes and while fairly light in style, still drinking well with five years of age. This version should easily match that and be highly enjoyable as the part become unified with time.