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onebigmark reviewed L'Aventure Optimus on August 16, 2011

This might be the best Optimus I've ever tasted. Same subtle flavor blend, same French style and sensibility. Great balance and flavor...I'd drink it with Lamb or Veal. I would say it's ready to drink now but I would love to see what happens over the next few years. I usually try not to keep Paso wines for a long period of time, however, there are exceptions and this should be one of them.


I bought a case of the 2006 Redmon Cabernet after having it at a wine tasting about 18 months ago. The 2007 was gone before I could buy any. I was very pleased with the 2008 at a tasting yesterday, for my money they are a great, affordable boutique producer that can match up with wines twice the price. This was tasted side by side with an Alpha Omega Proprietary Blend and an 09 Caymus Cab and I thought the Redmon was a much better wine and wine value.