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The Moris family holds two estates consisting of 476 hectares in the southwest corner of Tuscany, Italy. The first estate contains 420 hectares and is located near Massa Marittima, with 37 hectares of vineyards contained within the Monteregio di Massa Marittima DOC. The soil composition here is predominantly clay with a slightly alkaline pH due to the presence of calcium. The estate is majestic, with a driveway lined with cypress trees and every wall coated with ivy. The second estate, Poggio la Mozza, contains 56 hectares and is located primarily in the Morellino di Scansano DOC. The soil composition is crumbly rock, sand and limestone. Moris also produces olive oil.


58024 Massa Marittima


Wines (2)

Moris Avvoltore IGT 2002 Morellino di Scansano Red
Moris Morellino di Scansano 2004 Morellino di Scansano Red