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Is it Cabernet Franc? Is it not Cabernet Franc? Both, actually. Two strains of Mencía are found extensively in the northern half of Spain. The local and indigenous version of Mencía is known for making very lightly colored and fragrant reds similar to a beaujolais or light Pinot Noir. The other version is actually a local strain of Cabernet Franc most likely intoduced to Galicia in the 19th century. Aromas and flavors of raspberries, fresh herbs and wildflowers are common.

Both versions of Mencía are found throughout the northern half of Spain, including León, Rias Baixas and Bierzo. The indigenous form is also found in the Dão region of Portugal where it is known as the Jaén.

Grape Color


Wines (6)

Bodegas Peique Joven Bierzo 2005 Bierzo Red
Tilenus Bierzo 2006 Bierzo Red
Bodegas Pucho Bierzo 2003 Bierzo Red
Descendientes de J. Palacios Bierzo Mencía Petalos 2004 Bierzo Red
Dominio de Tares Bierzo Mencía 2003 Bierzo Red
Hacienda Elsa Tinto Mencía 2003 Bierzo Red