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A popular grape in the 1800s Aligoté is now playing a very poor second fiddle to the Chardonnay grape in Burgundy. An extremely crisp grape, Aligoté is known for producing wines with almost painful acidity. In warm years or in the right hands the best examples are balancing acts of citrus, hazelnuts and peaches. The wrong hands or a cold year? Well, surely you know what sucking on a lime is like.

The French appellation of Bouzeron located in the Cote Chalonnaise of southern Burgundy is the traditional home of Aligoté. Good examples come from the more southerly facing slopes. Aligoté is also grown in California and Oregon, and is the base of many sparkling wines form eastern Europe.

Grape Color


Wines (2)

Francois Mikulski Bourgogne Aligote 2006 Bourgogne White
Château de Cary Potet Aligote Vielles Vignes 2001 Bourgogne Aligote White