Food and Wine Pairing Articles

Throw Another Wine on the Barbie!

Are your wines gathering dust over the long summer days? Has the decanter given way to the longneck as your drink holder of choice next to the grill? Why, when there are so many flavorful and perfect wines to match with your BBQ'd beast? Just because your grill is en fuego doesn't mean that you need forego your favorite wines. Read on for our favorite wines for the grilling season.

Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

If you like wine then you probably dig the queso as well. But which cheese to serve with Sauvignon Blanc? Or how about that funky cheese that you can't pronounce? Or better yet, the crazy, stinky, ooey, gooey goody that the local Fromaggist said that you couldn't live without? Read on for a few easy ideas that will help take the mystery out of wine and cheese pairing.

Classic Food and Wine Pairings

Chianti with spaghetti and meatballs? No way! There is so much more to pairing food and wine than this in the annuls of dining history. Check out these great examples of the harmony between wine and food.

Introduction to Food and Wine Pairing

White with fish or chicken, and red with meat? No way. Whether you're a wine newbie or you've been at it for years, be sure to check out our Introduction to Food and Wine Pairing.