Raventos i Blanc Brut Cava Reserva L'Hereu 2007


Raventós i Blanc


Spain → Cava






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Want a bottle of Champagne but don't want the high price tag? This is the wine for you. Further proof that it is not always so much about the where or the when, but more the who, the how and the why, the Raventos L'Hereu was given every possible opportunity to become a wine on par with the greats of Champagne. Chalky soils, old vines, organic and BioD, a rest on the lees 2x as long as Veuve and a family with 500 years of winemaking know how- every element is in place for this wine to over deliver. And it does not disappoint. Aromas of fresh flowers, Granny Smith apples and biscotti tease the senses before a rich, robust and profound mix of flavors comes invading the palate. Call it the EF Hutton wine, because your taste buds are forced to listen. Full fruits of caramelized apples, fresh peaches and a toasty brioche note offer weight and richness that spreads across all four corners of the tongue. And just as the wine seems to be too intense a wave of silky bubbles begins to tickle, and then a wave of minerals begins to sharpen the focus, and finally a wave of fresh acidity brings everything back into phase with linear precision. This is a delicious and impeccably-made wine, and a total steal at this price.