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One of the three grapes (along with Macabeo and Parellada) that are used in the production of the sparkling Spanish wine Cava. Xarel-lo is found mainly in the northeastern region of Catalonia. Though prone to frost damage, Xarel-lo is a very productive and usually retains medium to high levels of acidity. In the Alella region of Catalonia, Xarel-lo (here known as Pansa Blanca) is used to produce still wines that are crisp and fresh, with notes of stone fruits, cream and a sometimes vegetal quality.

Grape Color


Wines (11)

Raventos i Blanc Brut Cava Reserva L'Hereu 2007 Cava White
Casteller Cava NV Cava Sparkling
Raventós i Blanc Brut Cava Gran Reserva de la Finca 2003 Cava Sparkling
Raventós i Blanc Brut Cava Reserva L'Hereu 2005 Cava Sparkling
Juvé y Camps Cava Reserva de la Familia 2003 Cava Sparkling
1+1=3 Cava Brut Catalunya Sparkling
Jané Ventura Cava Rosé Brut Reserva NV Penedés Sparkling
M. Chevallier Carte Noir Cava Brut NV Penedés Sparkling
Jané Ventura Blanco Penedés 2004 Penedés White
Marques de Monistrol Cava Rosé Brut Reserva Selección Especial NV Penedés Sparkling
Marfil Alella 2002 Alella White