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Gold rush miners first planted vines in the Lodi area in the early 1850s. Zinfandel and Tokay flourished in the area, and Tokay was used as a table grape, fermented into wine, distilled into brandy or fortified into port. In the 1960s, the American palate changed, meaning Tokay was no longer en vogue. Vineyard owners gradually tore out the Tokay vines and introduced Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc, but Zinfandel remains the primary grape of Lodi. Today, the area has more than 75,000 acres of winegrapes, farmed by over 750 growers.

Lodi enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and cool, moist winters. The area receives an average annual precipitation of 17 inches. Lodi's two major rivers, the Mokelumne and the Consumnes, originate in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and have brought soils rich in minerals to the area, including sand, stone and clay loam. And across the appellation, large stones resembling the galets of France's Châteauneuf-du-Pape region dot the landscape.


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Appellation Type

American AVA

Wineries (40)

Bear Creek Winery
Benson Ferry Vineyards
Berghold Vineyards
Bokisch Vineyards
Bokisch Vineyards
Borra Winery
Clay Station
d'Art Wines
E2 Family Winery
Gnarly Head
Grand Amis Winery
Harmony Wynelands
Housley's Century Oak Winery
Jessie's Grove Winery
Jewel Collection Fine Wines
Klinker Brick Winery
LangeTwins Wine Estates
McConnell Estates
Mettler Family Vineyards
Michael David Vineyards
Miramont Estate Vineyards
Mokelumne Glen Vineyards
Mokelumne Rim Vineyards
Mokelumne River Winery
Oak Ridge Winery
Omega Cellars
Peirano Estate Vineyards
Peirano Estates
Spenker Winery
St.Amant Winery
Talus Collection
The Lucas Winery
VanRuiten Family Winery
Vino con Brio
Weibel Winery

Wines (12)

Philips Lodi 7 Deadly Zins 2008 Lodi Red
Peirano Estates Shiraz Lodi Peirano Estates 2006 Lodi Red
Plungerhead Zinfandel Lodi 2008 Lodi Red
Clay Station Petite Sirah Lodi 2005 Lodi Red
Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon Lodi Red Dirt Ridge 2005 Lodi Red
Gnarly Head Zinfandel Lodi Old Vines 2006 Lodi Red
Port, D'Art Winery, Lodi CA Lodi Fortified
Reds 2005 Lodi Red
Michael David Vineyards 7 Deadly Zins NV Lodi Red
Michael David Vineyards Incognito White Lodi 2003 Lodi White
Renwood Viognier Select Series Lodi 2003 Lodi White
Clay Station Lodi Viognier 2002 Lodi White