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An important northern Italian varietal that calls the region of Piedmont home. The Dolcetto ("little sweet one" in Italian) ripens very early and thus provides an excellent every day alternative to the more powerful Nebbiolos that the region is famous for. Dolcetto ripens early and grows well on the more northerly slopes in Piedmont, where it is said to prefer the limestone marl soil type. Dolcetto wines have a very full pigment as well as aromas and flavors of cherries, plums, almonds and anise. They have low acidity levels and are delicious young though they may age gracefully for up to ten years.

The Piemontese regions of Alba, Asti, Dogliano, Diano d'Alba and Acqui are most famous for Dolcettos though it is also found in Liguria where it is known as Ormeasco.

Grape Color


Wines (10)

Heartland Langhorne Creek - Limestone Coast, Dolcetto & Lagrein South Australia Red
Podere Ruggeri Corsini Langhe Rosso Matot 2008 Langhe Red
Conterno Fantino Bricco Bastia Dolcetto d'Alba 2005 Dolcetto d'Alba Red
Brezza Dolcetto d'Alba 2002 Dolcetto d'Alba Red
Elio Altare Dolcetto d'Alba 2004 Dolcetto d'Alba Red
Villa Ile Dolcetto d'Alba 2003 Dolcetto d'Alba Red
Azelia Dolcetto d'Alba Bricco Dell'oriolo 2003 Dolcetto d'Alba Red
Albino Rocca Dolcetto d'Alba 2004 Dolcetto d'Alba Red
Poderi Luigi Einaudi Dolcetto di Dogliani Vigna Tecc 2003 Dolcetto di Dogliani Red
Stefano Farina Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba 2002 Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba Red